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Where the Journey Began: A Documentary

Silo: Edge of the Real World is a meditation on life in a small Midwest farm town. When a grain entrapment shocks their community, Adam Fox, a young farmer, and Clay Althoff, a senior in high school, both consider the risks and rewards of a corn farmer's life.


Where the Story is Going: A Feature Film

Inspired by true events, Silo spans one long day on a small farm in Middle America: a day that begins like any other when a mother wrangles her two teenage sons out of bed and sends them off to a neighbor’s corn farm to lend a hand and learn a trade they will likely inherit. But a combination of carelessness and bad luck lead to an all-too-common tragedy felt by grain farmers across the country. This story shares a true vision of the modern farm and illuminates the current reality of life in rural America; a vast expanse seen by too many as merely a speed bump between coasts.